LAX to JFK ✈️

A place.  A time.  A window to the world, not just to see the Earth below but to think about its variety, in shapes, sizes, and myriad patterns. 

Nevada looks like Mars. 

The Colorado Rockies reveal frosty tips, contrasting the plane’s warm windows that bake in the sun.

A photo posted by Wells Baum (@bombtune) on Jun 8, 2015 at 2:51pm PDT


The farm lands of Nebraska and Iowa square like Instagrams.  

The Great Lakes look like big tubs of water, conquerable unlike the oceans.  

The flight from LAX to JFK is just as long as flying to Europe. Most of it is over states the East and West Coasters forget about. But when you look at the map and even turn it map upside-down, you realize how isolated the United States really is from the rest of the world.

Halfway Home
Halfway Home
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By Wells Baum

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