“Let’s circle back.”

A circle assumes that something is working. It has a nucleus. So when something is broken, we ‘circle back’ to make the shape whole again.

The reason we hit rewind is to reconsider things that went misunderstood or to regroup on items that were never discussed in the first place.

But was there even a completed circle to begin with? Going through a reversible door reveals what’s on the other side, at least.

But a circle is too large, too ambitious and dense to accept in the incipient stages. Like an EP, there’s plenty of space left to make ideas, plans, and desires overlap into a full album.

An ideal 360 degrees ensures all holes are filled and there are no open parts.

Yet, the circle is always restarting, going round and round to reveal its true itself: all viable spheres of influence persist as sine waves. Evolution creates variables, peeling off the layers to queue up a vicious cut.