Marketing Mysteries

On René Magritte’s MOMA exhibition:

You may not get, at first glance, what’s going on in his paintings, but you get that there’s something to get. So you look again. And again. Which is, of course, a marketer’s dream.

The best marketers create mysteries. Apple excels at keeping its customers guessing and fantasizing about new releases. But sometimes the mystery behind a product is in the name.

OBEY, for example, thrives on its own eponymous obscurity. Below is a snippet from the OBEY manifesto written by its creator Shepard Fairey:

Because OBEY has no actual meaning, the various reactions and interpretations of those who view it reflect their personality and the nature of their sensibilities.

Marketing can be both blunt and misunderstood at the same time. The perspective is really up to the sensibilities of the individual. If you haven’t been exposed to a variety if things then you’ll be remain blind or bewildered.

Why do you need to even get the message in the first place? Let confusion remain indefinite.

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By Wells Baum

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