Marketing on the Job

I didn’t go to business school, in fact the only marketing education I got came via my own research into the four P’s which I can never seem to recall.

But I’m pretty sure the best marketing education comes from real practice.

Create a product and try to sell it.  Along the way, you’ll figure what works and what doesn’t and where to focus most of your attention.

The first step is to have good content.  If you don’t have good content, your marketing is a non-starter.

Once you have good content, then comes the real challange, i.e. converting people into buyers.

Friends and family are easy to convince because they want to support you.  They are your first customers, use them.

But if you’re trying to hit mainstream, you’ll need a wiser marketing strategy.  Aim for your niche, online and off.

For me, I’ve been trying to get people to donate to my Music 4 Japan album.  I’ve done the online work via twitter, facebook, blogs, and forums.  I’ve done the physical stuff, flyers and word of mouth.  I’ve tried to hit niches in those areas, hitting up music sites and putting flyers in music-related places and local charity benefits.

Upshot:  minimal sales impact.

Sales and marketing are hard work.  That’s what it comes down to.

But when you get that first hit, it’s must easier to convince buyers the next time around.

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By Wells Baum

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