McCartney drives us through his life in Liverpool on Carpool Karaoke

That’s right, in this clip Paul McCartney looks old. Nearly frail. It’s still him, but he’s a grandpa. Hip, but a bit crotchety when it comes to movement. And you’re not turned off in the least, you want to will him to go on, to never die, to be here forever, because once he’s gone, we’re next.

Lefsetz: McCartney On Carpool Karaoke

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  1. I had the rare honor to spend 3 days with he and Linda when I was 15. They came into FT Worth 3 days early to practice before the Wings Over America concert. My father being a cop was assigned as their security. I entertained Stella while they practiced. They were incredibly kind and gracious, hamming it up in hysterical photos with my dad and showering me with gifts. Very lovely people

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