MySpace TV, A Last Stand

MySpace is the 5th most heavily trafficked social network in the US.

Has to be the American monkeys and robots.

MySpace went from the premier social network to dating site to a site built for musicians. For a couple years, it was the all in one solution for social just like Facebook is now. But profile customization crimped its design and usage. Widgets were super clunky.

While Myspace has been cleaned up and simplified since Murdoch sold it off, it’s still a wasteland of bad social memories.

I couldn’t even tell you if MySpace has an app. Can you?

So what does big name owner Justin Timberlake see in it? The same thing Murdoch saw, loads of traffic. And the future of Smart TV.

Timberlake announced MyspaceTV today, its last chance to bring users back to MySpace.

The Smart TV is the next media convergent device so it’s a wise move to get started on programming now. But from the looks of it, MySpace is still targeting a core music audience. And there’s already YouTube and Vevo, Spotify and iTunes, which will all naturally connect to the TV.

Based on the monthly uniques, MySpace is alive and kicking. So maybe there’s space for it. MySpace’s sustainable traffic and longevity is a testament to gaining social networking mass first.

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By Wells Baum

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