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web gems

  1. “If a mind was so simple we could understand it, we’d be too simple to understand the mind.”
  2. In Japan, it's considered a badge of honor to nap in meetings. It's called “inemuri.”
  3. I've stopped Tweeting, but started Instagramming daily and reading again.
  4. It hasn't even been a fortnight. Please claque. Brian Eno also shared some thoughts. But I think he was overtired.
  5. Bill Domonkos is a hell of a GIF maker. See sharks and this.
  6. Remember to “be the one that you are.” Nietzsche
  7. The SoundCloud generation >>> How Social Media Normalized Mediocrity: Through the Lens of Music
  8. “One should not use the camera as if it were a broom.” – Robert Bresson
  9. Procrastination has negative emotional consequences. We spend more time fretting about getting something done than actually doing it. Why We Procrastinate — And How We Can Stop
  10. Humans want wings.

digging in the crates

  1. Ben Hauke is a beat maker from South-East London. His latest release for house label Church The Rough, Ready, Steady EP features the off-kilter but groovy house jam ‘Take that Blame.’ LISTEN
  2. Throwing Snow is London-based electronic musician Ross Tones. ‘Prism (1)’ is the lead single from his forthcoming album Embers. The track ebbs and flows in kaleidoscopic arpeggios, crunching in a rolling piano to techno synth sensations. LISTEN

3. Paul White is back with some new music on an all new beat tape, Everything You’ve Forgotten. One of my favorite tracks ‘Maori Baby Junior,’ is the kind of downtempo goodness White is known for. LISTEN

4. Continuing in the realm of 2017 beat tapes comes Austin producer Botany AKA Spencer Stephenson with his album Raw Light II. LISTEN

5. Boxwork is South London electronic producer James Wilson. ‘Repertoire Unit’ is the latest single to drop from his forthcoming LP Dive Left. LISTEN

Discover more new music on the bombtune blog. Oh, and here's my track selects for the Best of 2016, just in case you missed it.


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