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    1. More than a hundred years ago, the father of modern neuroscience, Santiago Ramón y Cajal used his skills as an artist to illustrate the neuron doctrine, proving that information is the output of messy internal wiring provided by the brain’s chemical synchronicity.
    2. Posted three years ago but this is still one of my favorite John Peel quotes. #classic.
    3. “Language is used every day, and easily becomes shopworn, and it takes a poet to recall it to its freshness…Music is not as shopworn, and thus may cut straight to the heart.” —Philosopher Martha Nussbaum on On Anger, Disgust, and Love
    4. It’s the constant state of becoming. It’s both liberating and oppressive. It counts the ticks, which oscillate into the currency of modern life. Time is of the essence, ticking away… Good read: Why Time Flies: A Mostly Scientific Investigation
    5. Quotes I'm chewing on: “Be on the alert to recognize your prime at whatever time of your life it may occur.” — Muriel Spark + “Creativity and ego cannot go together.” —Buddhist Chef Jeong Kwan
    6. The Mathematician ➕➖➗✖️ + Amazing illustrations by Timno Kuilder
    7. Hangry at The Arsenal

digging in the crates

    1. Andy Mac is a Bristol-based electronic music producer. While his past solo projects focused on deep house and broken beat, his most recent release Diving Bird sees him pay respects to Bristol’s dub heritage. | LISTEN
    2. Italy’s Clap! Clap! (aka Cristiano Crisci) continues his genre-smashing success on his new album  A Thousand Skies, out now on Black Acre. Once again, he takes us on a sonic journey, wanting us to imagine a “young girl’s journey through the stars.” | LISTEN
    3. Gulu singing legend and ‘Acholi folk pop’ pioneer Otim Alpha teamed up with London producer Jesse Hackett and multi-instrumentalist Albert Ssempeke to produce Ennanga Vision“deconstructed musical forms from the kingdoms of Uganda.” | LISTEN
    4. 20-year-old Scottish producer Sam Gellaitry is back with the beats on his new single ‘Jungle Waters,’ dropping on the Escapism III album this April. | LISTEN

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