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    1. “We are always having flashes of non-robotic consciousness.” Colin Wilson thought the left brain was too analytical, too sober, and that if we could unlock the right brain hemisphere we could unleash an ‘imagination explosion.' Highly recommended read:
      Beyond the Robot: The Life and Work of Colin Wilson
    2. One of my favorite graphic artists, Beeple, has been making incredible cinema4d art lately
    3. “Check sources. Consider what wasn’t said. Ask questions. Understand that every storyteller has a bias – and so does every platform.” Read It’s not Orwell, it’s Brave New World
    4. If you’re on fire for something, be prepared to find the nearest extinguisher. Positive thinking may come back to bite you.
    5. “Most people are on the world, not in it.” — John Muir, a naturalist, known today as the “Father of the National Parks
    6. “The algorithms…push consumers to what is popular rather than send them off to explore obscure parts of the tail.” Mass entertainment in the digital age is still about blockbusters, not endless choice
    7. Children sprint into adulthood without having explored all their curiosity. Read High-Pressure Parenting

digging in the crates

      1. SpectraSoul is Brighton-based drum n bass duo David Kennett and Jack Stevens. Having released music on the iconic Metalheadz label and dBridge’s Exit Music label, they have gained a reputation for producing deep, beautiful, soulful stepping grooves. Their newest track ‘Second Chance’ is no exception. | LISTEN
      2. Julien Marchal is a composer from Bordeaux, France. Insight II is a follow-up to the initial 2015 album of the same name. The track ‘Insight XX’ rings with a beautiful, smooth piano theme that “takes the listener inside the piano,” he says. | LISTEN
      3. Mic Mills is an electronic music producer from Adelaide, Australia. ‘Pig of a Man’ is his latest belter to drop on The Globalise LP, out February 7th. | LISTEN
      4. From the fringes of dub music, comes Abu AMA, an electronic producer from West Germany. The ambient textures on the track ‘Kufi Wood Art’ typify the kind of disorientating locked grooves that put you in an experimental place. | LISTEN
      5. DJ Heure is an electronic producer from Adelaide, Australia. ‘Pensively’ is one of the latest house gems to drop off on his EP for Church label’s new imprint, All My Thoughts. | LISTEN

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