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  1. “The music you travel with helps you to create your own internal weather.” I’m reading Teju Cole’s essays from his new book Known and Strange Things
  2. In January 2010, a woman fell into a Picasso painting at MOMA and ripped a 6-inch hole in the canvass. Read what happens when you break an artwork.
  3. “Humans are rodents that made it through the dinosaur era.” Listen to the latest podcast ‘The Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum’ from BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time.
  4. Excellent piece of analysis from Economist Tim Harford on how CURIOSITY could help cure The Problem With Facts. Plus, author of The Complacent Class Tyler Cowen outlines why “The biggest challenge facing free societies today is our lack of belief in them.”
  5. 📺 Watch Dave Chappelle use a beautiful metaphor to explain how success can become a trap. Watch musician Ken Butler make instruments out of garbage including hockey sticks, tennis rackets, and golf clubs.
  6. We live in an era of the abundance of information, disinformation, but also information avoidance where “people select their own reality by deliberately avoiding information that threatens their happiness and wellbeing.”

digging in the crates

  1. Christian Scott is a jazz musician from New Orleans who along with his ensemble make up the Christian Scott Quintet. The band’s forthcoming album Ruler Rebel is album one of The Centennial Trilogy. | LISTEN to the lead single ‘The Reckoning.
  2. Arvo Pärt is Estonian composer of classical and religious music, known for creating his own minimalist style of “little bell” sounds which he calls Tintinnabuli. | LISTEN to ‘Silhouans Song.’
  3. The legend Goldie returns with his first album in nearly two decades, 22 years after his seminal release of Timeless. His new album The Journey Man drops this June. WATCH the full music video for lead single ‘I Adore You’
  4. Seb Wildblood is a jack of all trades. He runs South London’s house label Church and its imprint All My Thoughts in addition to DJing and producing his own music. LISTEN to ‘Wet Summer’
  5. In case you missed it, Gorillaz released 4 new music videos yesterday to tease their forthcoming album Humanz. 

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