Newsletter: We shouldn’t value speed over power


web gems

  1. Even when we’re not watching each other, we’re still paying attention. It’s called ambient awareness, and it happens in real life and on social media. 🔗 You’re Too Focused on What You’re Focused On
  2. The Metropolitan Museum only showcases ten percent of its owned pieces at any given time: “A physical museum is itself a sort of data set — an aggregation of the micro in order to glimpse the macro.” 🔗 An Excavation Of One Of The World’s Greatest Art Collections
  3. If you do small things, slowly, they’ll add up to something timeless. “We need to be a little bit more tortoise-y and a little less hare-ish.”  🔗 Malcolm Gladwell: Why We Shouldn’t Value Speed Over Power
  4. “We should go for a walk, to the coffee shop, just to get away. Even Victorian factories had some kind of rest breaks,” says workplace psychologist Michael Guttridge. 🔗 The psychological importance of wasting time
  5. Beeple is graphic artist Mike Winkelmann. He’s the Seth Godin of design publishing, shipping one artwork every day for the last ten years. 🔗 Celebrating the ‘Everydays’ by Beeple

digging in the crates

  1. The Synergy EP is a joint release between drum n bass elites Alix Perez and SpectraSoul, featuring four tracks of a soulful, smoother side of drum n bass. 🔗 Listen
  2. Jan Jelinek is a Berlin-based electronic producer. He’s known for his abstract style of moiré in which he reduces beat patterns to a third dimension. 🔗 Listen
  3. CO/R is a collaboration between techno heads Herron and Joy Orbison. The duo just released Gudrun, a vinyl 12″ from the Trilogy Tapes Store. 🔗 Listen

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