Nicki Minaj, The Today Show, And Instagram

Sometimes I wait until lunch or dinner to post if I can’t come up with something inspirational in the morning or if I sleep on the way into work.

And sometimes it is the thought provoking content from the real world that inspires the post, not necessarily an RSS feed or a Tweet.

So on the stroll to work this morning I spotted the world’s latest diva coming out of the Today Show.

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I made this point a while back when capturing event based pictures. We distill our moments to Instagram first and then syndicate them for promotion to Facebook and Twitter. And if you’re a photo app nerd like me you either take the photo directly in Instagram or use Camera+, no more use of Apple’s native camera app.

Now that Instagram has been downloaded 1 million times in 24 hours on the Android, one has to assume that the same habits will occur. Android users will use the Instagram camera rather than the Android native camera and favor of Instagram for the social commentary and utilize the Facebook/Twitter platforms for promotional outposts.

The shift here is that apps in the mobile market have made us think differently about how we use our online communities. Do we care more about what strangers or friends think? Unless you’re a celebrity and you friend everybody, it’s probably the latter. We simply enjoy public feedback more.

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By Wells Baum

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