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The Open Internet With Tim Berners-Lee

Notes from SXSW:  The Open Internet With Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the World Wide Web:  A lot coding today is pre-packaged.  Any person can edit their photography or iTunes library without knowing the programming behind it. “Completely ignore how something is to be used.”  Tim’s way of encouraging creation and connecting it to other things.  We can’t always see what’s right in front of us.  Plus, someone else might do the connecting in which built a part.  “3D desktops are around the corner.”  He didn’t elaborate on this but augmented reality is coming quick (see Project Glass).  “The Internet is like the air you breathe.”  This is why Egyptians erupted as soon as the government shut it down.   Spying can be more “insidious” than blocking the Internet.  By leaving the Internet open, the government can track your every move.  “URLs will be around forever.” Tim predicts that GIFs may die however since they are just the latest creative sensation. The Internet must make it easy to “stroke” the artist’s content with micropayments. Ten cents can really add up. 
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