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On Brexit

What a sad world we live in today. People have succumbed to a couple of xenophobic scaremongers.

But we can’t lose hope. Ideas like democracy and openness are fragile. They fail only to strengthen their validity.

America’s Civil War tested the idea of one nation. From Louis Menand’s The Metaphysical Club:

The war was fought to preserve the system of government that had been established at the nation’s founding–to prove, in fact, that the system was worth preserving, that the idea of democracy had not failed.

Brexit sheds light on how a few elderly with old ideas can use the Internet to stoke nationalistic fervor, to play on the world’s uncertainty by shunning globalization. Nigel Farage and Donald Trump’s rhetoric of bullshit play with the irrational fears of the white middle-class.

So now that the world is tipping toward parochialism and rebuilding “walls”, it’s time to get back on track to prove that the idea of pluralism is worth preserving.

Dear Internet, turn the dark off and get back to doing the right thing.

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By Wells Baum

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