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I rarely get behind branded hashtags but I like the ring of this one from REI: #OptOutside.

The retailer is encouraging people to enjoy Black Friday instead of going shopping. Sure, it’s a crafty social media campaign and sales gimmick. In fact, most of REI’s customers are just going to shop online for deals anyway. But I love the message REI sends to other retailers: skip shopping and go outside.

Earth is a platform, not a shopping mall. You don’t need more stuff. Everything you need is already here: the air, the people you love (hopefully), and nature.

Humans are animals. But what released people from the prison of biology were brains meant for innovation, not for materalist consumption. Plus, parking is hell on Black Friday anyway.

Remember: Experiences > Things. Buy online from the couch and then go catch some butterflies.

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By Wells Baum

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