• Thinking less to do more
    Thinking less to do more

    Rhythm builds thoughtlessness. Work can become more natural out of mechanical motion, a kind of doing without thinking. Employees can’t make one hundred sandwiches in a couple hours without silencing the monkey mind. The process of unthinking begets a chorus of action. Similarly, we can’t dribble a basketball nor soccer ball effectively while focusing on […]

  • Relishing the doubt

    Enthusiastic in the front, skeptic in the back. The dialectic of mind enframes the rational man. When we peel off the plastic of certainty, we uncover the beauty of chasing ambiguity. When we see that the true bearers of consciousness are patterns of continuous variation rather than preprogrammed automata, we relish our idiosyncrasies. Naïveté is […]

  • More time is better than more money 💸

    Time is the most valuable asset we have, yet we often fritter away the minutes using money. Instead of walking up the mountain, we pay to take the lift. Instead of using the local train, we hop in a more expensive cab ride. Such convenience circumvents the lived experience. The most memorable experiences are the […]

  • It’s a hard-knock life

    The easy life exists but it fails to register. Anyone who’s name is worth remembering endured some type of struggle. The imperfect life contains lingering questions and punctuating doubts. But the vulnerable also acts — whether out of curiosity or bravery. “I never lose. I either win or learn.” Nelson Mandela Knowledge is a byproduct […]

  • A pictures of a hamster setting up a blog on Wordpress Business
    How to set up a blog on WordPress Business

    Pro Tip: Before we begin, if you just want to start creating a blog right now, get started with a free site on WordPress and be on your way to publishing in less than five minutes. If you’re going to use your blog for business, then you should be using the most robust tool that powers 30% […]

  • A curious rebel

    When in doubt, you can always depend on your curiosity. It is the fire starter for all important questions. But inquisitiveness is not the only fuel you need. Sometimes you need an anarchic kick. The best medicine is straight-up rebellion. When conviction fights convention and curiosity whets the mind, the amalgam produces an orderly disorder […]

  • The hidden power of music

    Music doesn’t need thought. It is innately powerful in its ability to galvanize emotions. As Oliver Sacks penned in his book, Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain, “Music is part of being human.” Music is a form of therapy. Familiar sounds can trigger memory in Alzheimer’s patients to help them feel like their former […]

  • Face the facts

    To weave through a world when there’s no anonymity and everything is discoverable — we are one google away from all the answers. But it doesn’t matter how much we know. People cognize to fit what they want to believe, regardless of the facts. We tend to throw all the information we don’t want to […]

  • Doubting our own self-doubt

    The only way to allay doubt is to do. We must face our biggest fears. Perhaps the only thing holding back J.K. Rowling from success was her fear of public speaking — she did it anyway. Public speaking. I agreed to read live at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in the belief that […]

  • Living with the unknown

    Things don’t need all the explanations we try to give them. The urge to seek definition has as much to do with our obsession with absolutes as our inability to trust ambiguity. As soon as we identify the type of bird, we cease thinking about it so. We google up all the information we can […]

  • The complexity of confidence

    Repetition and practice drown out self-doubt and bolster fortitude. Do anything enough and the brisk tempo of the mind takes over. Habits help undermine pressure. Just as a camera presents the mere surface of reality and not its context, so too does the complexity of confidence. We can only push on if our belief is […]

  • To doubt, to do

    A little doubt never killed anyone. In fact, it’s probably saved you from getting involved in unforgivable situations. But it does pay dividends to live with some anxiety and do it anyway. The trick to confidence is being sure of yourself than they are. It is for fear that our best selves come about, as […]