Newsletter #52: Why photographers are so obsessed with youth, how to spend time alone, how to vacation with your Smartphone, new tunes, and more

Arts & Culture Why are photographers so obsessed with youth It’s no coincidence that Instagram’s Weekly Hashtag project this week is WHPforeveryoung. Photographers love capturing the youth and making older viewers feel nostalgic. Maybe it’s the carelessness, audacity, and free-will of youth. Whatever it is, young people are just up to more interesting stuff. Capturing […]

Social Media and the Art World: Buying and Selling Art on Instagram

Musicians don’t necessarily need record companies to distribute their work anymore—anyone can put an mp3 up on SoundCloud or video on YouTube and reach millions. Similarly, Schlenker says, Instagram gives artists the ability to control the way their story is told, and find people who want to hear it. It’s a DIY world. Bedroom artists […]

The Internet Gets Physical

Below are some of my favorite culture and technology reads of the week. Don’t forget to peep the tunes. Name That Band Chances are your desired band name or website URL is already taken. Google it. So you’ll have to think more creatively to be original, like playing off celebrity names (e.g. Com Truise), shortening […]

7 articles to read this weekend

Every week I stumble across some articles that broaden my perspective about art, creativity, productivity, social media, and world affairs. Here’s what’s striking my curiosity this week. 1. Instagram Art Show Social Media and the Art World: Buying and Selling Art on Instagram “I don’t think an artwork’s value can be assigned or taken away […]