Into the Known/Unknown

A lot of people want success but don’t want all the responsibilities that come with it. Responsibilities often include leadership, dedication, teaching, and management.

High expectations test the desire to go further. People may back down to maintain the familiarity of the status quo. But you’re actually better off saying yes to advancement and figuring it all out afterward.

Talent builds confidence but is in ineffective at reducing anxiety. The better you get at doing your best and accepting the fear of responsibility the more likely you’ll continue to be successful. Relax and just go.

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The single hardest economic problem posed by the internet is the end of scarcity.

Nilay Patel rebuts Taylor Swift in explaining how the Internet makes music value-less precisely because it's not rare.

In the digital music age, all that's needed is an inventory of one. And that's why we collect so much and let our digital items collect dust.

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