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Play the Long Game

Play the Long Game

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Checking the box is immediately gratifying but does nothing to contribute to long-term goals. Speed undercuts the long game and distracts from what’s most important. Seth Godin reminds us to remain cautious of the snackable short-term tasks:

“Two thoughts:

a. Keep them separate. The best way to avoid long-term work is to be exposed to juicy short-term urgencies.

b. Hesitate before spending your most alert and dedicated work time on the short-term tasks.”

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk play the long game. Bezos wants to put an atomic clock in the middle of the desert. Musk wants to take people to Mars. In a more practical example, Tim Ferris advises playing the long game when it comes to networking.

What’s your long game?

Admission: I’m not quite sure what my long-term goal is yet, so I tend to get distracted by the small things. But I do think there’s something in publishing on this blog every day.

“Drip, drip, drip, it adds up.” – Seth Godin

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