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Producing for the masses

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Making for the masses taints the quality of the product.

The majority of people appreciate what they get. They may even vote it up. Some people recognize the overt standardization and consume just to conform. It’s not worth tailoring a dish when it’s faster to eat what you’re served to survive.

We live in the dawn of personalization, where aggregate data gathered through apps, social media behavior, and web surfing should be able to personalize our experience for just about anything. Diversity gets rewarded with stuff that you and only you, like.

Still, there will be times when your choice is pre-determined along with everyone else’s, and there’s no way to order what you really like.

Standardization makes it easier for the makers to control consumption. All the ingredients and dish sizes are the same. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think everything is meant to be made and consumed in bulk.

No one has the same tastes, but most people have the same expectations. Demand better. Customization is the key to satisfaction.

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