Purposely absorbed


Absorbed in the real work, unlike the spasmodic focus of want-to-be influencers.

The professional demands order, rituals, and practices that solidify the certainty anchor.

Those serious about their craft very much know they’re alive. They draw a map of the future based on reality, then lean right into it.

It’s easy to believe that armed with today’s digital tools we can all become stars. After all, all the internet’s a stage. As Andy Warhol predicted: “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” Even then — most viewers merely stroll with their eyes.

Most art gets consumed and then goes long forgotten. As much as screens captivate us at the moment, it’s always about what’s next.

The most dedicated workers remain internet-proof, detached from the ephemeral likes and favorites. They think long-term and “train” every day, bearing more influence on the culture than ever.

“In the future, everyone will want to be anonymous for fifteen minutes,” said Banksy. The question now becomes how one cultivates a sly reputation forever.