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Radiohead, Misfits Once Again, This Time ‘Burn the Witch’

Radiohead deleted their online presence. Go to their site, Twitter, Instagram, etc – all you’ll see are two of their latest posts.

Radiohead understands how to make the biggest noise: do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.

Instead of offering their album on digital services, Radiohead allowed listeners to pay what they wanted for its 2007 album In Rainbows. This tip jar approach wasn’t new but hadn’t used by a large band/brand like Radiohead.


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Before that, Radiohead had offered their music as downloadable stems for their fans to mash up and recreate. Radiohead is perhaps the only band that’s been able to thrive off their anti-establishment status while maintaining their mainstream flair. As I wrote in one of my newsletters:

Radiohead is the Apple of bands, an outsider group that retains its creativity and sells to the masses without selling out its brand. It’s all about taking music to the next level.

Don’t just think different. Be different. This difference starts with unique sounding music and manifests itself in marketing and distribution. Deleting their online presence has already given Radiohead the awareness they need. Now they just have to ship the tunes.

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