Rapid Fire Creativity (Instagram Update 2.2)

Instagram is loving this moment.

Pinterest is the talk of the town. Facebook is updating all it users and brands to Timeline. Twitter is making millions of its enhanced advertising platform. Instagram is just riding the wave.

Source: via Wells on Pinterest

Tonight Instagram announced an update that makes its camera faster and its uploads quicker. This is awesome for rapid fire discoverers like me. I often miss Instagramable moments because of the slow upload speed.  Of course, most of the blame goes on AT&T.

Instagram also added a Chinese and Japanese social network to its default share. The US is merely third in Instagram’s regional traffic ratings while the two most popular are in the East.  Clearly, Instagram doesn’t feel the need to expand into Android just yet given the iPhone explosion in Asia.

Instagram is a silent winner right now, slow and methodical in riding the market’s natural mobile growth.  Instagram could take over all interest based social networks at any moment.

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By Wells Baum

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