Rise Above Bullshit!

In this video, philosopher Harry Frankfurt breaks down how politicians get away with bullshit.

Almost 100% of climate scientists agree that global warming is real while politicians continue to deny it.

How do bullshitters keep getting away with well, more bullshit?

Because bullshitting is lying with indifference. It’s hard to put a finger on bullshitting because it’s so creatively ignorant and fake. “Bullshit is a matter of trying to manipulate the listener.”

As we get closer to some of the bullshitters running for the 2016 US election, it’s nice and refreshing to hear some of the truth behind what motivates people to bullshit.

The truth is unpopular. But what matters isn’t always what’s popular.

Resist the bullshit, not with cynicism but with reality. Bullshit can be dangerous.

“A world without bullshit would be more interesting. It would be a world in which we lack the creative flair of the bullshitter but of which we’d have the fascination and wonderment of reality.”

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