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Satisfying a Commuter

I used to commute from Connecticut into Grand Central Station and walk all the way from 42nd and Lex to 57th and Broadway for work. I probably took the subway fifteen times in four years. For me, walking is a non-negotiable. If I can walk to work, I’ll do it so I can get my ten thousand steps for the day. I also love taking photos on the way.

Now I live in Virgina and commute into DC. The train ride is 30 minutes. I get off a couple stops earlier so I can walk to work and get my steps in. I’ve been taking tons of DC photos too.

The entire trip door to door is about 45 minutes. I reach 10,000 steps by the time I get home.

Shaving my commute 30 minutes means more time to see my wife and dog which means more happiness.

The commute is an important part of our day and has an impact on our well being. For me, walking is a huge part of it.

“If you can walk to work or take your bike on a daily basis, I think that’s just about the coolest thing that there is.” – Jerry Seinfeld

I exercise by walking. I think by walking. I write by walking. Locomotion fuels creativity. A commute should never be about work but what you get to do and see on the way.

I enjoy my commute. It’s a pursuit of interestiness.

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By Wells Baum

Wells Baum is a daily blogger who writes about Life & Arts. He's also the author of and four books.