There’s always dissidence between what people say and what they actually do.

  • People said they’d leave Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram after they introduced ads. Usage on all 3 platforms grew.
  • After the Broncos lost the Super Bowl, some Broncos fans proclaimed that they’d never watch their team play again. After a week of sorrow, Broncos fans were pumped for the new season.
  • People said they’d move to Canada if Bush was elected. They stayed and now they just rip Obama.

The list goes on…

What people say initially is a gut reaction to change, especially if it’s intended to turn them into an advertiser.

But quitting forever rarely happens. The content is just too damn good.

If you're an artist, photographer, writer, etc., I highly recommend creating your own blog and publishing something new every day (read my post on how to set up a FREE blog on Wordpress).

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By Wells Baum

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