Selective Hearing

Our hearing sucks in loud places. What could be an awesome conversation goes sour. So we just give a desultory nod.

Seth Godin writes about the signal to noise ratio, using the nightclub as a metaphor for the constant loudness on Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter and email and Facebook all have a bad ratio, and it’s getting worse. – Seth Godin

Some people don’t go on Facebook simply because there’s too much going on. It’s our friends but it still feels a bit spammy. Twitter is becoming that way too. And email is just the worst.

Godin suggests that we relentlessly edit our feeds, filtering the noisy friends and followers and focusing on the ones that are truly important to us. Everyone and everything can’t possibly matter.

I’ve personally cut my Facebook friends in half.  I should probably cut some Twitter too, especially as my interests change. My email could use some restructuring. I tend to rapidly delete email rather than spending some time setting up automation. I also get hundreds of RSS feeds daily that could use some trimming.

The central problem to editing is the fear that we’ll miss something. But multiple sources all say the same stuff. Everyone just uses a different headline.

We should all try to be better at curating our streams and deleting the unimportant.

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