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Seth Godin: “Best” is rarely the same as “popular.”

“Best” is rarely the same as “popular.” – Seth Godin

Your best work is not what gets the most likes, shares, comments, i.e. combined interactions.  How you define your best work is more likely related to the amount of time you spent on producing that piece of work.

While I have Google Analytics installed on my blog and I use Union Metrics to view the occasional Tumblr engagement per post (reblogs, likes, notes), I really don’t look at my statistics much.  I know this is a sin for marketers but this blog is really just a place for me to write and synthesize information.  I’m curious and ravenous just to know more which compels me to do more.

With that being said, I’ve produced a few books this year that are more or less a consolidated summary of these blog posts.  If I’ve ever helped you in any way in the areas of self-help, social media, life hacks, and just general interest I’d appreciate if you wrote a quick review or note one of the Amazon books.


Thanks and have a happy New Year,


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