Seth, Why Can’t We Make Digital Scarce?

The interesting takeaway for me is that the book has been available for over a year, so it’s not like it was hiding. Only when it became scarce did the rush happen. Seth Godin

Create more scarcity moments.  Create less exclusive product and sell them all.  But make sure your best fans know exactly how many there are left.

Or to Seth’s additional point on the “showroom effect,” get a retailer that will promote the heck out of it.

There’s no way to capitalize on scarcity, mass, digital, and even direct sales at the same time and with one product.

You need to chop up your product and sell unique versions in both the physical and digital space.  Even if that just means signing 600 books.  A signature creates a completely new product.

You can also pace the rollout of the content like hitting the physical space prior to a digital release.  For example, Coldplay held out for 3 months from Spotify.

What people don’t talk about is scarcity on the digital side.  Digital can have shelf life too.  Sell 1,000k personal thank you videos to the first 1,000 digital buyers.

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By Wells Baum

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