Show Your Work

Showing your work while you’re working on it is like throwing a fish net out to sea. The probability of catching something big is slim but you may be surprised by the immediate feedback that you get.

One of the main advantages to the Internet is that you can create something and ship it directly to your audience in the same day. There’s no waiting. There’s no publisher or record label but yourself. The only thing holding you back is the fear of rejection and perfection. So why wait?

“Stop thinking about art works as objects, and start thinking about them as triggers for experiences.” – Brian Eno

Sharing the backstory to your work is the fun part to the creative process. Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien’s blogged about the KID A recording sessions. Walter Isaacson is asking for fan feedback on a script from his new book.

Art is always in progress. We can touch it up forever. Sometimes art is about being good enough and part of that process is showing people where you’re at right now. Making is sweat and tears; a finished product never just pops out. Show us that you have what it takes to get there.


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By Wells Baum

Wells Baum is a daily blogger who writes about Life & Arts. He's also the author of and four books.