Sit, sit, and sit some more

Sitting kills you.  Even if you’re a marathon runner who sits 8 hours/day, you’re cutting time off your life.

I’m guilty for way too much sitting:  on the train, at work, and at my desk at home.  In fact, one of my long-term goals is to buy this Restoration Hardware desk for my first house so I can sit even more and write.  

My mom has been standing up at work for more than a decade.  She claims she can’t think effectively sitting down.  This may explain how she managed to push three boys outside the house into sports.  

This blog post is a declaration for me to stand more and be like my energy bunny Mom.  I will start by standing on the train’s bar car to and from New York commute.  I may walk a lot and run some but it’ll never offset how much time my butt spends in the chair.  

(post published from a comfy hotel lobby chair in Kansas City)

The cost of sitting.

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By Wells Baum

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