Social Media Roundup

  1. In the never ending use or news about selfies, Selfie the app gets an official release. Even if the app bombs at least there’s equity in the domain name. Plus, Hyperlapse now enables a front-view camera so people can take Hyperselfies.

  2. Ello is a new social network and making the rounds on Twitter. It apparently signed up 34k prior in just two days. Ello is clean and allows private fabricated names, unlike our dear friend Facebook. I personally have no interest in Ello. I’m already stretched to the limits on other social networks.

  3. Snapchat is killing it with curation. I got to relive Derek Jeter’s last game via Snapchat Live. Snapchat curated content shared to Stories which are for public viewing. A Live feed for the Hong Kong protests could be very interesting right now.

  4. The messaging app wars are heating up. What you use really depends on where you live and how you want to communicate: publicly, in s group, or in private? The overall trend is clear: content must expire.

  5. Here are the optimal times to post on social media. Tumblr is apparently for night owls.

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