Social Media Roundup

  1. There’s always a story behind a picture, and typically more than 1 pic to a good story. Intriguing app called Storehouse, created by a former Apple employee. Here’s my first post.

  2. Facebook is still the stickiest social platform, with users spending an average of 21 minutes a day on the platform. That’s 33% of social media time spend and 2.6% of all media.

  3. China created a designated walking lane for texters. This is the world we live in: #neverlookup

  4. Did you know that WordPress operates 22% of the Internet. There’s 4 babies and 2 WordPress blogs born every second. I actually remember hearing this stat 2 years ago at SXSW. Hard to believe WordPress has sustained it.

  5. Forget about speaking through images. We no longer speak through text. Keymoji will emojify your text.

If you're an WRITER or aspiring blogger, I highly recommend creating your own blog and publishing something new every day (read my post on how to set up a FREE blog on Wordpress).

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