“Social Networking”

We don’t social network to talk to people behind a screen. We social network to meet people in real life.

I’ve met a few folks face to face that I follow on Twitter. And most people are what they tweet.

If the person is as authentic as they are in reality as they are online, my perception of them remains the same. The reason I follow them in the first place is because they’re interesting people.

Social networks can also be used to promote your work and get feedback. But there’s a fine line between bragging about your art and looking for ways to improve it. Most online users just want the like; others see an opportunity to build a legitimate fan base.

Conversion is the trickiest part of social media. You can be someone’s friend or follower but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to be their customer. The return on relationship is a complicated mix of interests and digital/real-life friendships.

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