Social Shopping (In-Store)

Foursquare and Shazam give people a reason to go to and stay in stores. It doesn’t matter if you’re redeeming a digital coupon for checking in or unlocking exclusive content, either way you’re experiencing the store.

But adding Facebook Likes to clothing items takes the store experience up a notch.

The online and physical worlds are getting more intertwined so much so that they’re becoming mirror images of each other. Earlier this week I wrote about bringing the concept of pinning in store. If I can like a piece of clothing on Facebook and see it in store I should be able to pin the same clothing item to my bag, ‘Pin to bag.’

The in store API should also tell me which of my friends bought or recommend the same items.

Ironically Facebook commerce (F-Commerce) may come to fruition in store, not on Facebook itself. This will finally give Facebook reason to really push its social currency.

The social store is just around the corner in the physical world, strengthening brick and mortar. Maybe that’s why Amazon is opening up stores after all.

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By Wells Baum

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