Software ate the camera, but freed the photograph. It makes me uncomfortable, and if you care about cameras, it should make you uncomfortable, too. But — and here’s the trick — try to see if there isn’t something valuable in that discomfort, if it doesn’t bring with it a way to look at photography with fresh eyes, with new excitement.

Craig Mod

The camera phone is all I got. Analog is heavy.

If your relationship to photography revolves around story, and a direct connection to the network implicitly brings with it more who, what, where, when, why, and how, and the smartphone touches the network in the most indigenous, simplest possible way, then the smartphone may be the photographic tool for you.

But given all the sharing I’m starting to think that the networking effect of photography has also made it heavy. It’s hard to see through the massive cloud of content.

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By Wells Baum

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