Standalone Cameras, Karl Lagerfeld, Billboard Charts, Digital Dualism, and Digital Rights

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Camera One, Camera Two

I bought a standalone camera for my trip to India and just as quickly returned it because of my iPhone 6. It turns a out a lot of other people also prefer to use their Smartphone as their sole camera. The only reason to buy a standalone camera today may be to print out your pictures. Otherwise, Instagram and VSCO (not your house wall) may be a perfectly reasonable way to view them. The Smartphone cameras are only getting better.

Fashion Sense

Karl Lagerfeld lives in the now, space, and time. There is no past, no matter how much people tell him he repeats the same “new” ideas. Isn’t the latest fashion just recycled anyway?

“I don’t even have archives, myself. I keep nothing. What I like is to do — not the fact that I did.”

Digital Dualism

Some friends are virtual and ephemeral and live within your Gchat. We don’t care to know them offline. If social media is edited real life, our friends online and offline are also one of the same realities. Get used to “digital dualism“.

+ Om has a deep discussion on social media with New York Times journalist Jenna Wortham.

Sales, Spins, or Streams?

As someone who worked in the record industry, the Billboard charts never made sense to me. Were they indicative of sales, radio plays, YouTube or a guess on popularity? What goes up, must come down, especially in the age of short-attention spans.

“Impermanence is a necessity of the pop-culture ecosystem.”

+ Billboard: Here’s how the top 100 formula gets calculated.

Side note: It’s the Internet era. If you want to create a lasting business, market to the micros.

Digital Rights

We’ve all been making data for years but the trail is lost in the hands of multiple networks and companies. The data is still there though and it should be your right as an Internet user to get the big picture before someone else does. But how?

+ Clive Thompson: You might be better off sharing copy that just keeps people guessing.

Episode 44 | ♫ Tunes of the Week

  1. Maribou State – Rituals
  2. Tropics – Blame (Machinedrum remix)
  3. Bungle – Alone
  4. Mo Kolours – Sumerian Mother
  5. Declaime X Kan Kick – Cake Boss
  6. Gorillaz – Feel Good (40ringz remix)
  7. Jay AD – I Need Her
  8. FTD – Niagara Falcao
  9. Corbu – We Are Sound
  10. Congo Natty – UK Allstars (Machinedrum remix)

Peep the playlist

Thought of the Week

“Many people die with their music still in them.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

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