Stepping into the future

step future

Out of step with the times, in step with the undistributed future.

The present is all some people know; an interpretive process stuck into the closeupness of the mind. There are too many lemmings and not enough thinkers. 

He or she who insists on themselves always begins with something trivial before the objective gets serious. Everything is play until it turns into interest and opportunity.

Fast culture teaches one to appreciate immediacy and conformity — to consume and long forget. All the while, longevity remains undervalued. It is a test of patience to be misunderstood for long periods of time.

The battle for acceptance sets up frustration, a challenge one must yield to and let extinguish. As one endeavors to create the future, they suffer change to educate the insouciant layman on what’s what.

The dream is to pipe into our conscious mind the possibility of better. In reality, it’s our responsibility to respond to it.