Stop making new mistakes

Stop making new mistakes

History teaches us our mistakes. What it doesn’t teach us is how to avoid repeating them. Because we just make new ones. 

The past, present, and future are GIF loops. We are condemned to err all over again, slightly different than before. Yet, we keep testing our limits, believing that we can reach the mirage. Possibilities gnaw and tug at us with the utmost vigor. 

After all, boredom is the mind-killer!

So we undermine the cognitive toolkit. “Yeah, but this time is different” becomes the thinker’s venom. 

But the upshot is almost always the same. The cinema inside our heads fails to project into reality.

We can’t coax a train out of a tunnel. We can’t use positive psychology to make a Bitcoin “moon” to a million bucks (at least not yet).

Thoughts rarely mirror reality. 

So instead of a self-wound, we stay grounded. The discipline of non-action helps recenter the exaggerated narratives in our heads. Stare at the ants and clouds instead. 

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