Stuck in our own heads — is that such a bad thing?

If we remove the music at a fashion show it'd feel dull. No one wants to face the nakedness of noise.

If we put a person in a room with only a shock machine studies show that they'd rather zap themselves to stay bored.

Humans crave entertainment. Social media is today's main elixir.

We're wired to dress up our environments with extra toppings, be they sounds or physical stimulants. When the sparks are absent, we have nothing left but the music of inner monologue playing between our ears.

While most people will do anything to avoid getting stuck in their own heads too long, the black hole of cognition is vital. Emptiness spawns the most august imagination.

The pain of thinking begets a pleasure of creative output. The fluff of ideas and self-discovery emerge from the magic lanterns of our brains.

gif by @jeremysengly

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