Sunday Social Roundup

  1. Google is shutting down Orkut. I just received the final email notice this morning. I remember years ago when Google bought it, back when MySpace was blossoming and Facebook was emerging. I remember that Orkut was big internationally, especially in Brazil. I even remember my Brazilian college friends using it more actively than Facebook. Social networks come and go. I don’t think Facebook will exist a decade from now as we know it today, it’ll be completely unbundled, possibly rebranding itself Instagram.

    + Medium: The unbundling of Twitter

  2. Facebook got busted this week for running psychology experiments, and more, on its users. With unrestricted research, Facebook and Google data scientists have the “power to shape what we do in the world.”

    + Emarketer: High schools students still use Facebook above all else.

  3. Social media marketing is not top-down like traditional TV ads or print. The marketing funnel is actually flipped, starting with bottom up. If you can find your best fans and give them something exclusive they’ll spread the word for you. As a marketer, saved dollars means you can experiment with other things.

  4. One of my favorite Internet inventions Ifttt is powering the Internet of Things starting with Nest. Imagine all the Ifttt recipes for the smart kitchen and eventually, smart cars.

  5. Now that’s interesting. According to Instagram founder Kevin Systrom, YouTube was originally a dating site, just as Instagram was originally a check-in site like Foursquare.

    +Mashable: Speaking of Instagram, I suspect that it’ll follow Vine’s lead & show the number of views on both videos and photos soon too. Marketers need that data.

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