Sunday Social Roundup

  1. Your iCloud is hackable. A bunch of celebrity nude selfies appeared this week on 4Chan. Anything in the cloud should require [two factor authentication](Dave pogue tweet), whatever that means.

  2. Now you easily convert any YouTube video into a GIF. Excuse me: I’ll be putting together a compilation of Michael Jordan dunks and posting them on Tumblr.

  3. Apple plans to announce both the iWatch and the new iPhone 6 this week. The watch is supposed to cost over $400 and per Johnny Ive, put a lot of watchmakers out of business. The iPhone 6 promises to become the true digital wallet. For real this time.

  4. I was on vacation when Facebook launched Slingshot, the apparent Snapchat competitor. Let’s just say the app updated this week and I’ve still yet to try it. Facebook has passed the point of innovation and Snapchat is not selling out, yet.

  5. Dunkin Donuts opened up in LA and customers celebrated with their coffee hauls. I may just need to love back to California now.

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By Wells Baum

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