Sunday Social Roundup

  1. Snapchat is starting to offer brands advertising opportunities. I think it’s worth an exploration but Snapchat’s primary focus should be on acquiring new users. Facebook and Twitter didn’t introduce ads until a few years in. However, given that 500 million snaps are sent per day I’m sure the server costs are still to eat away at Snapchat’s investor dollars.

  2. SoundCloud finally caved in to record label demands to license the tracks on its platform. But I think this could be a boon for SoundCloud. The revenue generated through advertising will be shared amongst SoundCloud’s community of creators. SoundCloud is my music platform of choice. Not iTunes, Rdio, Beats, nor Spotify. SoundCloud just has better music and it works like Twitter, which wanted to buy it a couple months ago.

  3. Atlantic Media is building a social media platform that restricts users to share only once per day. Sharing once per day is probably enough anyway, as it’ll force users to focus on quality rather than quantity. Despite the constriction, most people still won’t have to the courage to share.

  4. Elan Morgan quit liking posts on Facebook for 2 weeks and now gets more diverse content in his newsfeed, like Twitter. When I liked the Buzzfeed page a couple weeks ago Facebook basically inundated my feed with Buzzfeed articles forcing me to like. Needless to say, I unfollowed Buzzfeed after a few days. Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t need to show every post like Twitter.

  5. Millennials are the last generation to understand what the old analog world is like. Meanwhile, Generation Z will have no context whatsoever having grown up with the Internet and touch screens. Are pens and paper still useful?

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By Wells Baum

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