Sunday Social Roundup

  1. Chris Anderson’s “Long-Tail” theory argued that the mass of niches would collectively surpass the hits and the superstars. In other words, the world of Beyonces and Katy Perry’s would be over. That never came fully true. But it has meant that previously underground music genres like electronic dance music could emerge to become mainstream, if not the most popular.

    I never saw this coming but I think it says more about the culture the sound. Most of the popular electronic music is absolutely garbage. The best stuff is in here.

  2. Snapchat is the third most popular social network amongst Millennials. It’s private, it’s social, and it’s fun, unlike your typical messaging apps.

  3. The events in Ferguson demonstrate once again that Twitter is the default social networking for breaking and following live news.. Kudos to Twitter founder Jack Dorsey for broadcasting his own Ferguson experience in a thread of Tweeted Vines.

  4. There are officially more Internet subscribers than cable subscribers. Of course, this still leaves people in the hands of cable companies providing the Internet service. Technology changes but monopolies stay the same.

  5. Social networking is more popular than games, reading, and all other forms of distractible media. But you can’t possibly be checking it all the time; instead, designate time and use it in batches. I’m trying to get better at this as well.

Bonus: Vote for Marsel van Oosten’s picture ‘Facebook Update‘ as the image of the year in the Wildlife Photographer competition.

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