Sunday Social Roundup

  1. As Tweets create more noise than value, a curated Twitter feed a la Facebook might not be that bad of an idea after all. It also enables Twitter to build in ads in between tweets which of course is good for profits but bad for the user experience.

  2. With the tablet market shrinking, more developers are building apps for the computer desktop to ensure their apps run across platforms seamlessly. Some of my favorite apps (e.g. Day One, Evernote) are platform agnostic which is hugely convenient for syncing your notes and keeping everything organized when you’re format shifting.

  3. Social media has made people write more and voice an opinion, whereas before these habits lay inactive in the layers of one’s own mind. For starters, my Facebook feed is floating with friends’ opinions about Israel/Palestine.

  4. Remember when acquiring new fans on Facebook was the priority? Now it’s all about delivering ads at the right time.

  5. It turns out that being ‘verified’ on social platforms gets you nothing more than maybe an enhanced search result. The CEO of Twitter doesn’t even have a verified account. What’s celebrity status mean in the first place?

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