Sunday Social Roundup

  1. Surprise, surprise. Apparently social media has zero impact on sales. As a social media manager, sales is always at the back of your mind but engagement comes first. Plus, I like to think of social media as soft power, using the power of storytelling through micro-content to create strong memories. Emotions are hard to quantify via sales. Plus, marketing is sales?

  2. Facebook is turning up the pressure on Twitter by building it’s own real-time trending topics platform. Strategically, it makes sense but Facebook is a friends forum for highlighting stories in the aggregate. For breaking news, Twitter first and then Facebook to see if it’s resonating with other friends in your network.

  3. The data is incontrovertible. Apps rule the web. People also visit sites sideways, not through the homepage. The world is mobile using mobile phones using mobile apps.

  4. It turns out teens still actually use Facebook, more so than any other social network. I’m not surprised. Facebook is so deeply ingrained into the social networking conscious that it’s easy to forget you ever went on.

  5. Twitter wants its users to be more original rather than lazily retweeting but it also wants to give user’s more text space. So you can tweet your comment with the content your referencing as an image card. I like this but I also enjoy quote tweeting since it constricts your opinion while keeping the other person’s tweet as part of the character count.

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By Wells Baum

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