Sunday Social Roundup

Below are some of the more interesting and innovative social media developments from this week.

  1. Facebook released a new app for approved celebrities/influencers. The best part about it is that it doesn’t have ads. Why can’t Facebook offer its regular users an as-free option? I’d pay $1/year for a clean feed.

  2. Another week, another tech story on how to go on a digital diet and escape social networks. Here’s a little post I wrote in 2013 about the fallacy of escaping social networks.

  3. The statistics show that social networkers are actually consuming long-form content despite scanning short-form snacks. In other words, nothing has really changed. You engage longer with content you actually like.

  4. Private, ephemeral sharing is the new public. Even analog photobooths are getting in on the new obsession with disappearing content.  The Eraser does just that. It takes your pic and quickly erases it.

  5. Customers are staying longer in restaurants because they’re wasting time on their Smartphones. That’s good news for restaurants that need the crowds but bad news for restaurants that need you to get in and out.

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By Wells Baum

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