Sunday Social Roundup

  1. Instagram pulled a VSCO and introduced more editing tools this week, most notably the ability to reduce the strength of filters. I still think VSCO’s filters are superior and more natural looking.

  2. Beats introduced a star packed World Cup commercial. No wonder they sold to Apple. Otherwise, who was going to pay the bill for this commercial?

  3. I worked for a company called TopSpin (now owned by Beats and hence, Apple) who built websites for artists so they could build their own communities and sell directly to fans. A similar development looks to be on the horizon for retailers. Why give your data to Facebook and Pinterest when you can replicate that experience on your site? I will admit though that the direct to fan model usually attracts hard-core fans. Side note: These proprietary internal networks may also be more beneficial for b2b operations.

  4. Social media is getting ready for the World Cup. Here’s a bunch of dog breeds and their matching national teams. I suspect that this #WorldCup2014 will not only be another massive moment for Twitter but will be huge for Instagram too. Naturally, I tweeted this too. Instagram is also sending me World Cup masks made by @artedemirar.

  5. It feels kind of old school to add social share buttons to your site but people actually use them. Not only that, some sites like Buzzfeed are seeing more shares via WhatsApp than Twitter. In other words, people prefer to communicate in private, or what’s known as Dark social.

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By Wells Baum

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