Swiss Miss: Rules To Live By

Tina Roth Eisenberg (aka SwissMiss) gives away her five personal rules, summarized below.

1. Embrace your superpower

What’s that one thing you do well and that powers your work? For Tina, it’s her enthusiasm; for others, it’s curiosity or doggedness. I like to think mine is creating connections between disparate things.

2. Don’t complain. Make things better.

Complaining should be a two-fold process. The first part is calling something out that’s not right. The second part often gets dismissed; if you’re going to complain enough you’re better off trying to come up with a solution yourself. YOU figure it out.

3. Choose wisely who you hang out with

Hang out with your scenius, people that inspire and challenge you. Those around you influence who you become.

4. Don’t forget to play

Work is stressful enough. Everyone needs a little bit more fun in their day. What’s one banal thing that you could make exciting or funny like a droor full of confetti? Do that.

5. Push to be better

Always persist. Mediocrity is only acceptable if it brings little good into your life. Excel at the things that matter, like you’re family, friends, and your work. Show up to be your best when your best is needed.

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