Tackling the brain’s anxiety bias

We take out the wind of anxiety by going toward the fear. The nerves left alone in anticipation, attrit our resistance with cruel swiftness. 

Uncertainty pervades all those who wish to consult it and acquiesce. 

The only way forward is to adopt the most extreme outcome and hyperbolize it. That’s right — export the scariest story from the human mind to inhibit its effectiveness. 

Why simulate threatening stimuli? Repetition reduces the brain’s anxiety bias to what it is: ridiculousness. 

Don’t fight the fear

Fight the fear, and one will lose. Never absent, we can nonetheless take all of our worries for a dance.  

Age sucks up experience like vacuum cleaners until we’re not afraid. Fear, once a magnetized rod, loses its edge. Live long enough, and we all gain the magical power of perseverance

Pushing through the CRAP (criticism, rejection, assholes, pressure) becomes an act of rebellion, a culmination of counter reflexes that help stem the doubting disease. 

Feel the dread and do it anyway — the stoic, accustomed to tension, respond to the world as it is and works through it.